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May 2007, an assignment from my English listening class.

A film review of movie "A Cinderella Story" .

I heard the story many years ago. When I was in kindergarten, I have already known it, the Cinderella's story, a fairy tale.

Not every girl can be a princess, but all of them could have dreams. Dance with a handsome boy——a prince, under the moonlight, look into his eyes, say some secret sentences. At that time, even the air shows perfect.

Ah, the youth has the right to make up a romantic sence. They touch happiness when they think of that. In fact, the movies and the novels prepare all of these fictions for them. At last they come back to the earth, jump into the boring works. Everything continues, not unless you can change the whole world.

Why does the fairy tales come out? Because people need hopes. Why are the fairy tales attractive and beautiful? Because they are not true. The stories encourage the crowds to have dreams when the reality is cruel and full of sadness. Shoule we wake up? Must we be sober? At least we have joy in the fantasy. So, it's the reason that the fair tales exist, now and then.

In my opinion, love is as clean as the snowflake newly draft down, as warm as the breeze blows over the grass in spring. God give us a heart so that we can love. Even if the world is dark all the same, we can imaging the future is bright.

The teacher's comments:

So beautiful! Quite good!

Your essay is just like a little lady's love letter and just for herself! I enjoy it!

grade: A-