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Will you be hearing from me?

The bus is travelling across the endless field. Some hills up and down near the horizon. All the green plants grow freely along the road. We are going to the northern america. To see the great waterfall.

The sky here is clean and deep, just like a huge blue crystal. But I love the clouds in Orlando more. The beautiful clouds seem from fairy tales.

11:31 am


Pale sky. The sky is clouded. A huge piece cloud covers the whole sky, so you even can't find any piece of cloud. The only thing you can see is pale color. At noon the sky looks like a bloodless face.

I grew up under this kind of sky.

It's not ugly, not beautiful either. Just like all those innumberable regular days. Nothing happened while everything is happening. Neither exciting nor boring. You just spend the days, bear the days, immersing in numb and expecting the future.

That was my life.

11:17 am


I had a nightmare this morning. I went back to ABC Commissary, not for working. I think in that dream I was a guest or passer-by. All the shelves are empty. No cheeseburgers, no checken nuggets, everything has gone...an empty restaurant.

He wore T-shirt and jeans, stood in front of the stock room. The light from lamps is ghastly white and ice-cold...My mother rushed out and shouted at him. I tried to say something but I can't, just like somebody was holding my throat. Them I woke up with a fright. It was 4:30 am. I can't sleep any more.

I'm a dreamer while my mum lives in reality. She wants to pull me into this cruel and beautiful world, and I don't want to fall down. I am living in my imagination.

1:05 am in China = 1:05 pm in Florida. Lunch time, the busiest time.

1:05 am