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June 01, 2008 an assignment from Montclair State University



Please describe your position at Disney:
My work location is ABC commissary, a restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a quick service restaurant.

ABC Commissary nears to the Mickey's sorcerer hat, which is the symbol building of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

All the cast members in ABC Commissary are always very busy because our restaurant is a big one and it is close to the main street of the park. There are many attractions around it.

ABC Commissary serves cheeseburgers, fish & chips, cuban sandwiches, chicken nuggets, Asian salad, etc.

The restaurant put one teleplay's names of American Broadcasting Company in front of each meal. It also stick many pictures which are relative to the programmes in American Broadcasting Company on the wall. It looks like a dining hall in American Broadcasting Company. I think that is the creator of ABC Commissary's wish and goal.

What did you like most about your job at Disney?
The enviroment in Walt Disney World is clean and beautiful, just like a fairyland. Large numbers of fireworks are set off every night, constructing a dreamy world.

In the daily parade I can see many characters in animations appear in reality, they let me feel I am a little child who is walking in a fairy tale.

The people here are all nice and friendly. The managers and trainers are happy to help the newcomers to know how to work effectively and easily.The guests spend their vacation in Walt Disney World,enjoy their leisure time. Cast members helping to make and keep the magic.

Sometimes the guest will give me a pleasantly surprise, such as a hug. I can feel the goodwill and kindness between people.

What were some of the challenges you encountered while working at Disney?
My listening English is not very good, and some guests speak English with regional accents. Sometimes I can't understand the guest's request and sometimes I can't hear them very clearly. At that time, maybe I will feel nervous.

But I tried to solve this problem. I asked the guest to repeat the sentence politely. If I still can't understand after their repeat, I will find a colleague whose mother language is English to help me.

Give an example of something you learned from you job at Disney.

Make others happy can make yourself happy. When I saw the guests smiled to me, I feel satisfied.

A smile is short but it can leave a long-lived impression. Smile to the others and you may get more smile back.

Once a guest asked me whether I saw a blue knapsack, because he had forgotten that knapsack on the table. When I helped him to find the knapsack in lost & found office, he smiled happily and said appreciate to me. I feel I am a useful person to the others, I can help the others, I am a valuable person in this world.

What advice would you give to a future student?
Practice your oral English as much as you can. Don't be shy. Talk to others will give you a lot of advantages. You don't need to be worried about your poor oral English. Most of people are very warmhearted and willing to help you. If you don't understand what they are talking about, just tell them. If you don't understand the guest's question, try to find somebody else to help the guest and say sorry to him/her. The guest won't be angry. Don't worried about this point.

How will your work experience at Disney help you in your future career?
In my opinion, my work experience at Disney made me more brave, and give me courage to face the predicament. Before I came here, I was a shy girl, I even fell it is difficult to talk to a stranger. But now my experience told me, if you are in difficulty, don't be anxious or upset immediately. You should calm down and think about how to solve the problem and struggle to complete the mission. Make every endeavor and try your best before you give up. Regularly you can turn things to a better condition.

Believe yourself, be more confident. Continue upholding, be more perseverance and constancy, try your best to take your responsbilities, do the things you should do, and then you will be successful, your dreams will come true.