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Sweet dream or nightmare?

The background was the final day that I can stay in Disney. (This date appeared again.) I got on a bus and felt very drowsy, so I took a nap on the bus. After the bus had arrived I entered a park, sat on a park bench and fell asleep without looked around.

Later a kind of familiar music roused me. I opened my eyes ,found I was in Animal Kingdom, the parade was passing slowly.

I took my camera out, recorded a video. Then I saw Mercure waked towards me.

"Did you buy a ticket? I can use my main entrance pass and take you here for free!" I said.

"No, I didn't." she replied. "I cheated, I used your ID."

I touched my pocket. My ID card was still there.

"It's 4 o'clock pm. We can go to somewhere else. Where do you want to go? Epcot? Magic Kingdom?" I asked uncertainly.

"Let's go to Hollywood Studios and say goodbye to Sam." Mercure smiled to me.

I hesitated and said slowly, "maybe he's not there…"

The environment changed. We stood at a narrow street near my senior high school. A lot of small stalls were arrayed along the street. --In dreams, the situation always changes.

"Check it. You have his cellphone number, don't you?" she asked.

"I wrote the numbers down, but I didn't take that notebook with me…"

"O-K. I'll help you." Mercure pressed a series of numbers on her cellphone keyboard. The call got through.

"Hello. Sally, do you know the telephone number of ABC Commissary?" She seemed know Sally before.

"Mercure, no, please don't…" I tried to stop her and woke up.

The dream ended here.

11:06 am